What Is Business Coaching?

by | Mar 1, 2020 | How to Become a Business Coach

So, you’re thinking of becoming a business coach. But just what is business coaching, and why should you consider it as a possible career path?

If you care about relationships, measurable results, and making a real impact on the world, it might be the right fit for you.

At its core, business coaching is empowering entrepreneurs with awareness, education, and accountability. This happens through powerful mentoring relationships between coaches and clients. Business coaches offer their clients the awareness of possibilities, education in business best practices, and accountability for execution. The result is the transformation of client companies into profitable, life-enriching investments.

Achieve Measurable Results

Many entrepreneurs struggle to create systems and processes that lead to stable, replicable results. Your task is to change all that. As a coach, you help clients build businesses that can thrive with or without them. Business coaching creates clarity and accountability. Unlike other forms of coaching, where results may be subjective, business coaching focuses on highly objective measurements. These are tracked through key performance indicators, financial statements, and the clear objectives set forth in strategic and tactical plans.

Bottom line?

You get paid when your clients do, making it the ultimate win-win relationship.

Make an Impact on the World

But perhaps most importantly, business coaching is about making a difference. Business coaches build up society, supporting real-world job creation and increased opportunity. Healthier companies equal greater employment and opportunity for all. A rising tide raises all ships — and business coaching is often an important piece of that puzzle.

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