Why Aren’t My Efforts to Become a Business Coach Working?

by | Dec 15, 2014 | How to Become a Business Coach

Are you struggling to learn how to become a business coach? Perhaps you’ve expended buckets of time, effort, and energy, and “invested” tens of thousands of dollars in a business coach training system or a business coaching franchise  — but it just isn’t paying off.

First, thank you. THANK YOU for committing yourself to the journey of becoming a business coach! It’s takes great moxie, great commitment, great courage to serve entrepreneurs this way. We need you in this industry!

Thousands of well-intentioned executives learning how to become a business coach have gone down the exact same path that you have and many of them have found themselves asking this question. You’re not alone!

For more than a decade, our goal here at Coaches’ Coach  has been to provide you with the world’s best business coach training and systems. Many of the aspiring business coaches that have become part of our community were in the same situation that you are now and have since gone on to build highly lucrative business coaching firms, with associate coaches, passive revenue, and more.

What do they know that you don’t?

First, they learned WHY they were struggling…then, having identified the problem, they learned what to do to fix it and they DID it.

We’ve discovered that there are four reasons that aspiring business coaches struggle to get their practices off the ground. In this video, I discuss part one of the answer. If you’re frustrated because your efforts to become a business coach aren’t paying off, watch this video, and identify which category YOU fall into. Then take action!

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