Why You Can’t Be a Business Coach if You’re Not a Salesperson

by | Sep 1, 2018 | How to Become a Business Coach

If you want to be a business coach there are no two ways around it: you have to get good at marketing and sales.

If you don’t enjoy marketing and sales tasks, it can be very tempting just to think “why can’t I just outsource it and be done with it?”

After all, it’s the coaching that adds value to the client. You just need someone to get you more of them.

But there are two big, big problems with this approach.

The first problem is that if you don’t understand what good marketing and sales should look like for your business, you’ll end up hiring someone who does the wrong things for you.

I’ve seen businesses spend small fortunes on websites that simply didn’t work for them (but looked great). On SEO that got them #1 ranking for searches on keywords that never turned into inquiries. On telemarketing they were told worked for everyone–but it turned out didn’t work for them.

You’ve got to understand something before you outsource it, otherwise you’re going to get screwed.

What’s More Valuable than Coaching?

The second problem is that in all honesty, in many businesses, getting clients is the difficult bit. Providing the service is easy.

It’s all well and good saying “all I need is someone to get me more clients” but if the real value in the business is that client acquisition, then in truth, they’ll end up getting the lions share of the profits.

You’ve seen it happen. Lead generation firms get customer inquires and sell them to coaches. But it’s the lead generation firms who are making all the money and the coaches who are just scraping by.

Money always flows to the rarest valuable talent. If you can’t or won’t learn how to win clients for yourself, then you’re going to end up paying through the nose to someone who can and will.

Money always flows to the rarest valuable talent.

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