5 Secrets for Holding Business Coaching Clients Accountable

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Business Coaching Tools

It’s the new year and many of your coaching clients are looking to you to help them reach their objectives. One of your most important tasks is holding your business coaching clients accountable.

Why did you get into the coaching business? Think back to journey that lead you to this industry at this time. What convinced you that this was your life’s work?

The answer to that question will vary from coach to coach but for many business coaches, the answer lies in their clients. The best business coaches are the ones who are excited about helping and motivating business owners to become their best.

The number one way to do this? Accountability.

Anyone can set a goal. Anyone can dream big. But as a business coach you know what most people are missing. The follow-through. So many entrepreneurs are like a baseball player that steps up to the plate but only squares up to bunt the ball. If they never learn to swing all the way through they will never have the power they need to knock it out of the park.

The good news, you are a business coach and you have the tools to teach them how.

5 Secrets for Holding Business Coaching Clients Accountable

1) Concrete goal setting. Plenty of people set goals, but not all people set them well. The first way to teach your clients accountability and follow-through is to help set clear, measurable goals. Just saying, “I want more business” is too vague. But saying, “I want to increase my lead generation by 20% each month” is specific and therefore easier to meet.

2) Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is an oft-used maxim in parenting, but it works great for businesses as well. As the coach you set the example for accountability. Use specific language and avoid vagaries. When you say you will do something do it.

3) Keep on top of the billing. Money is a huge motivator. People like it, people want it, and people will do things to get it. Make sure you are billing your clients predictably and that they are paying you on time. Nothing says accountable like paying the bills.

4) Effective time management. Time is another finite resource that we all love and are highly motivated by. But not unlike money, many of us don’t spend our time wisely. Help your clients learn to manage their time as efficiently and they will thank you.

5) Teach them the importance of the follow-through. For a baseball player follow-through starts with the correct body position and is created by staying with that position even after the bat has hit the ball. It’s the same in business: follow-through is about the whole process, not one particular part.

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