5 Tips for Diffusing Sales Pressure in Business Coach Marketing

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Business Coach Marketing

The old school business coach marketing mindset goes something like this, “Look! There’s a potential customer. I have to convince them see things my way, and then they’ll buy what I’m selling.”

Thankfully there’s a new way of business coach marketing and sales, and it diffuses all the sales pressure. It’s called attraction marketing and it is all about building a relationship of trust, mutuality, and respect with the prospect, until they make the decision that doing business with you is the most beneficial course of action they can take. This has become the only effective way of marketing in the new age of internet-based everything.

Here are 5 tips for diffusing sales pressure with attraction marketing:

1) Respect the prospect. Look again at the old marketing mindset. It didn’t respect, or even acknowledge, that your prospect was a person with a life and opinions and needs. No wonder people didn’t like it! Attraction marketing diffuses the pressure because it’s involves listening to your potential clients and understanding them. 

2) Build the relationship. If your business is going to be successful over the long term, you need prospects that will come back to you again and again until they’re finally ready to buy. High pressure selling doesn’t do that; it scares people away forever. The goal of attraction marketing is to build a relationship with your prospects so that when they have a need they will think of you. 

3) Offer super-awesome content. The best way to convert suspects into prospects and prospects into customers is to offer really super-awesome content, not to trick them or force them into buying what you’re selling. Make sure you understand your prospective clients and offer them amazing content they’ll love on things they care about. Write ebooks, record videos, send emails that point to an amazing blog.

4) Listen. Be prepared to talk to your prospects. Be prepared to give them educational information and to answer their questions. Be prepared to offer them your greatness with no strings attached. And DON’T force things. People know when they are being forced and it creates unwanted pressure. 

5) Be emotionally real. Usually when we think of sales we think of people with high charisma charming their way into money. Charisma, it turns out, only works if it is genuine. Don’t act enthusiastic about something if you aren’t. Be honest and real. It will make an incredible impact on your closing rates.

When people — especially a business professional who wants to become a business coach — engage in old-school selling techniques it creates a huge disconnect between the prospect and the business owner. Both sides feel nasty sales pressure, making the entire process feel like a ticking time bomb. Not good.

BUT, when your business coach marketing is all about sharing amazing educational content that adds value it takes all the pressure out of selling. Love it!

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