Business Coach Marketing: The STUPID “Cold Calling Blitz”

by | Aug 16, 2015 | Business Coach Marketing

Of all the business coach marketing techniques that I dread the most, a COLD CALLING BLITZ tops the list.

Few things strike terror in the hearts of business coaches more than these words: COLD CALLING BLITZ! If there was one thing I’ve always HATED throughout my career in sales, it was the stupid and idiotic cold calling blitz. Now, as a business coach, I still hate them.

Cold calling blitzes are predicated on this logic: “We don’t have enough sales coming in! Since cold calling isn’t working for our reps, let’s do MORE AND MORE of it!” If you have a background in sales, you remember the drill. Get every sales rep in the office either on the phone, or out door-to-door, and spend the entire day making cold calls. Umm….. DUMBest approach to sales and marketing ever. The main problem with a cold calling blitz is that it forces sales reps to set the greatest number of appointments within a short period of time. What happens? Sales people madly dial the phone or rush from door-to-door, quickly setting appointments without doing ANY qualifying at all. (Top sales pros actually qualify prospects OUT, not just merely qualify them.) The end result is a bunch of wasted time and worthless appointments with people who are never going to buy. So you’ve not only wasted a bunch of time on the cold calling blitz but now you get to waste time on fruitless appointments, endless voicemails and emails for these non-buyers! Cold calling is one business coaching marketing tool you just don’t need.

Why Cold Calling is a Horrible Business Coach Marketing Technique

Do cold calling blitzes result in lots of appointments? Sometimes. Do these appointments turn into sales? No. It’s pretty obvious that with enough cold calls, you can definitely set several appointments. However, appointments made from your own cold calls convert to sales at an astonishingly low rate. I can remember spending 80% of my time cold calling. Those cold calls generated only 5% of my total sales. Why is this so? Quite simply, because busy, successful people will almost never accept cold calls. In fact, a famous University of North Carolina study on the topic concluded that only 20% of decision makers will even accept a cold call. Who does this leave? The time-wasters, the people with no authority to sign, and with nothing better to do. Or worse yet, those who experience a sick power trip from taunting salespeople. Sales author Tony Parinello calls them “Seymours” because they always want to “see more,” but they never buy!

Better Business Coaching Systems

Now that I am much more experienced–and much more successful, I’ve developed business coaching techniques and business coaching tools that form far better business coaching systems. These proven strategies ensure more business for you and a much more efficient use of your time. Hey sales managers, listen up: If you want to increase sales, improve your team’s attitude, and increase the bottom line, drop the cold calling blitzes! And if you’re a salesperson, here’s my advice to you: STOP cold calling and START doing something that works instead! If you don’t know what works, that’s OK. I do and I am more than happy to tell you. It’s all in my Never Cold Call Again system, and it works. In fact, you even get to try it out for a full month, on me, before deciding if you want to keep it – and almost everyone does – or if you want to send it back, never pay a dime, and never hear from me again.

It’s that simple, so get your copy right now HERE.  Remember, while you’re wasting your time cold calling (or worse, doing blitzes), there are an endless number of hot, qualified prospects out there – who are ready to BUY from you, right now – you just need to know how to get to them. The answers are all in my course, so don’t hesitate – do it right now by signing up HERE.

To your success! Frank Rumbauskas

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