Business Coaching Tip: How to Explain Your Value So Clearly that Prospects Cut You Checks on the Spot

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Business Coaching Tools

Looking for a business coaching tip to make your sales cycle shorter and help prospects see your value so clearly that they cut you checks on the spot? Here’s one of the biggest breakthroughs I had in increasing my sales conversion rates…

For my first few years as a business coach, I struggled with getting prospects to really understand that I could help them.

I had gotten fairly good at building rapport, sniffing out the problems in their businesses, and uncovering their emotional hot buttons. My remaining challenge was figuring out how to demonstrate my problem-solving value in such as way that they’d immediately know they had to hire me.

Then, one Saturday morning, as I was waking up, it dawned on me: most of what I did as a business coach was solving the same problems over and over in each of the businesses I coached. If I could assign compelling names to the solutions I helped them implement as a business coach, it would completely revolutionize my sales process! I jumped out of my bed and ran to my computer.

Two hours later, I had 21 “Silver Bullets” that addressed pretty much every small business problem I had ever encountered. 

I organized all the solutions and training that business coaches provide into three “buckets:” time, team, and money.

Here they are…

Time Bullets 

  • Apprenticeship Plan
  • Operations and Training Manual
  • Time Management Plan
  • Comprehensive Exit Strategy

Team Bullets 

  • Employee Acquisition Plan
  • Psychometric Profiling Process
  • KPI Measurement System
  • Lean Manufacturing Program
  • Performance Incentive Plan
  • Strategic Plan
  • Leadership Development Plan
  • Team Meeting Rhythm
  • Organizational Plan
  • Team Building System 

Money Bullets 

  • Current Business Plan
  • Break-even Plan
  • Revenue and Profit Plan
  • Cash Gap Plan
  • USP and Guarantee
  • Sales Management System
  • Tactical Marketing Plan

Why This Worked So Well

The beauty of this was that it turned business coaching into a tangible, describable set of processes that I could easily explain and–most importantly–sell!

For example, if I was in a conversation with a business owner who felt he was too busy to attend to the strategic matters that really create success, I would suggest to him that what he really needed was a Time Management Plan and Apprenticeship Plan and briefly explain how that would help him find the time to get the work done.

Or if a business owner shared that she had a higher employee attrition rate than she’d like, I’d explain that we would implement an Employee Acquisition Plan to be sure she hired the right people in the first place, and a Performance Incentive Plan to keep staff engaged and motivated.

It worked. As soon as I had specific, memorable descriptions for the work we’d do together, my sales conversion rate skyrocketed. Prospects could easily understand, and therefore visualize, how my coaching would revolutionize their businesses.

You can do the exact same thing. When you’re in a sales call or Complimentary Coaching Session with your prospects, first, ask a few open-ended questions to uncover pain in one of the three areas of time, team, and money. Then, discuss the Silver Bullets you’d implement to dramatically improve their situation. Make sure you shoot at least three Silver Bullets to demonstrate that you have solutions for their most pressing problems.

You can get our entire Silver Bullets Cheat Sheet–NO opt-in required–over on the downloads page. Have it handy when you’re on the phone with prospects or spend some time learning the information on the cheat sheet so that you can use them during face-to-face consultations. And then, if you want more in-depth training in the Silver Bullets, get a free 30-day trial to our membership portal and explore all 21 of them in detail. I think it will do for your conversion rates what it did for mine–so enjoy!

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