Business Coaching Tools & Training You Can’t Live Without

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Business Coach Training, Business Coaching Tools

105-Business-Coaching-Tools-&-Training-You-Can't-Live-Without-1Here are some powerful business coaching tools that can help you get a leg up on your competition, whether you’re a veteran or beginner. They include help on marketing and sales to get business coaching clients and how to coach your new clients so they stay, pay, and refer their friends to you. This is a must read list if your goal is to earn a steady, 6-figure income as a business coach!

1) Books for Business Coaches. These are the books that changed my life when I first began to think about becoming a business coach. Be sure to read them and put them on YOUR bookshelf!

E-Myth by Michael Gerber, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits by Verne Harnish, and Instant Cash Flow by Brad Sugars.

2) The Business Coaching Franchise Buyer’s Guide. For existing business coaching franchisees or people considering buying a business coaching franchise, The Business Coaching Franchise Buyer’s Guide ( is a powerful resource. Go behind the scenes and learn exactly who should buy a business coaching franchise — and who should go independent. Learn the clever techniques sales representatives use when selling you a business coaching franchise so that you’re ready to handle them and move at your own pace through the due diligence process. Finally, discover which are the most reputable business coaching franchises, and how to negotiate the most favorable terms possible!

3) Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star. Want to supercharge your existing business coaching practice? This industry favorite, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star ( is your ticket. You’ll learn EXACTLY what I did to make my first million as a business coach after just 4 years in business as a business coach. Learn all the sales and marketing techniques I used, as well as my secrets to making sure my coaching clients became raving fans!

4) Business Coaching Success Predictor. Have you ever wished there was a scientific way to predict your level of success as a business coach? Well, there is! Check out this free report, Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Business Coach, ( a powerful diagnostic tool for aspiring or existing business coaches. Based on a 2006 study of more than 40 of the world’s most successful business coaches, this profile will help you determine if YOU have the 8 behavioral traits with a proven statistical correlation to success in the world of business coaching.

5) Business Coaching Riches. Are you thinking of becoming a business coach? Then check out Business Coaching Riches (, the beginner’s guide to getting it right from the get-go! This book covers everything you need to know to be successful out of the gates, from setting up your corporation, to landing your first clients quickly, to coaching them successfully.

6) FREE Tools for Business Coaches. Here’s a great place to start your journey in business coaching, absolutely FREE. Check out these FREE tools that will start your practice out on solid footing! (

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: When Master Business Coach (and former pastor) Eric Dombach bought his business coaching franchise, he had NO contacts, NO professional experience, and NO marketing or sales skills. Through hard work, dedication, and lots of trial and error, he grew his business coaching practice from $0 to $1 Million in 4 short years. Learn everything he knows about becoming a business coach. Check out Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star for a deep dive into his journey!

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