Coaching Clients through Coronavirus

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Business Coaching Tools

Here at Coaches’ Coach, we have a fascinating vantage point on COVID-19 and the recession because our global network of 6000+ coaches is feeding us info 24/7 on how SMBs are faring. Thank you! We’re better together. And together, we are coaching our clients through Coronavirus.

(On a personal note, I’m so grateful for how our global network of coaches are helping each other right now. It’s so inspiring! If you haven’t yet, join the conversation!)

One thing I’ve noticed is that the same pattern I’ve seen in past crises is holding true in this one.


Teach this model to your business-owner clients what to do in the coming weeks and months because they get to choose whether they Scale or Fail in this process. It all depends on the choices they’re making right now, with your help.


Your business owner clients get to choose whether they Scale or Fail in this process. It all depends on the choices they’re making right now, with your help.

How This Pattern Can Help Your Coaching Clients

Shock: In the first few weeks of the crisis, we’re reeling from sensory overload, trying desperately to make sense of the craziness. It feels overwhelming as wave after wave of bad news just keeps coming. What just happened?!

Adapt: Slowly, we begin piecing together a coherent, rational perspective on what’s happening and how the new realities will irrevocably redefine our world in the near term. We begin developing a strategy to adapt our business to seize the opportunities before us.

Execute: Then we go to work. Long days and short nights. We communicate relentlessly with our team to steady their emotional state. Conversations with customers to add ever-more value and understand their new realities. We invest heavily to adapt or create new products/services from scratch at a furious pace while right-sizing our expenses and conserving cash.

Scale/Fail: It’s a simple, inevitable reality that some businesses will begin to scale again on the back end of this crisis while others won’t make it. Those who dig deep, invest, adapt, and execute may survive. Many won’t. Their future is hanging in the balance right now.

And here’s where YOU as a business coach can change the world, one business, one family, one business-owner at a time!

From where we sit, it seems that SMBs around the world have begun moving through Adapt and into Execute. Many of them will Fail because they won’t Adapt fast enough. Many of them won’t Execute effectively. They need your help to survive! They’re simply too close to their own situation to do it well.

Your role, as a coach, is to help guide them through these steps, to help them see the big picture, and to keep them on track.

To help you do that, get a FREE 30-day trial of our comprehensive business coaching system and improve your business coaching skills to meet the current moment!

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