HOT TIP: How to Promote Your Upcoming Seminar via LinkedIn

by | May 6, 2010 | Business Coach Marketing

Today I noticed that one of my clients and business coaching colleagues, Alan Sartain, is promoting his upcoming seminar called: “How to Supercharge Your Sales and Profits Even in Todays Economy” via “LinkedIn Events” which is a pretty cool use of this business coach marketing channel.

Thought you might enjoy learning a bit more info on how you can do this for your upcoming events. First, check out Alan’s actual invitation here.

To set up a LinkedIn Event for something you have coming up, just log in to your LinkedIn account. Then click on “More…” Check out this screenshot.

From there, setting up your event is pretty straight-forward. Click on “Events” and then “Add an Event”. Again, a screenshot.

After you’ve set up your event, you’re ready to go through your list of Connections and invite them to your event…


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