Social Media for Business Coaches: Leverage the Differences Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Business Coaching Tools

It’s no secret that if you want to grow your business coaching practice in our connected age, you’ve got to master the art of social media for business coaches.

Yet many business coaches feel lost in the maze of rules, technology, and terminology that comes with the territory: likes, friends, followers, connections, tweets, hashtags, at-tags, posts, status updates, pages, groups, widgets, profiles, timelines, and on and on it goes.

And because social media has one thing at its core–sociability–you must abide by the rules of a given medium. Otherwise, you lose credibility and, in the process, business…just like anyone who behaves awkwardly in social situations.

How to Navigate Social Media for Business Coaches

Because social media has one thing at its core--sociability--you must abide by the rules of a given medium. Otherwise, you lose credibility and, in the process, business...just like anyone who behaves awkwardly in social situations.

Learn the rules of each network. Just as you wouldn’t wear formalwear to a football game, or athletic shorts and a tank top to a professional networking event, there are different expectations on different social networks. Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind…

Twitter is like a cocktail party. It consists of quick, public conversations on a host of different topics. Discussions move fast, with an emphasis on breaking news. Tweets are capped at 280 characters–just enough to say something clever or compelling, but not enough to dive very deep.

Facebook is like hanging out at a pub with friends. Unlike Twitter, which is fast-moving and brief, on Facebook you can take your time. It’s informal and it’s best when you stay friendly (e.g. be careful before bringing up politics or religion). Your aim is to post interesting, engaging content that incites discussion and gets “likes” and shares. So go ahead: pour yourself a few virtual beers, and enjoy the company.

LinkedIn is like mingling at a Chamber of Commerce mixer.  It’s professional networking. People turn to LinkedIn to make industry contacts, recruit high-quality personnel, establish joint venture partnerships, and, yes, to shop for business services like business coaching. Here, you must present your most professional self if you want to get ahead.

Your blog is like inviting guests over to your house. You set the tone and the rules. Depending on your target market, you might have a sharp, hard-charging style…a laid-back, shoot-the-breeze pace…or a just-the-facts-please formality. The difference is that here you get to decide, because your blog is your space, just like your living room at home.

YouTube is like your own private media screening room. You can invite people over and show them home movies, your favorite films, and videos that others have produced that have made an impact on you. Because YouTube is the third-most visited site on the Internet, as well as the second-largest search engine, it really pays to have a presence there.

How about you? What have you noticed about the cultures on the various social networks, and how do you tailor your approach to make sure you’re appropriate and relevant on each one?

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