Sometimes the Best Business Coaching Tools Don’t Include Shiny New Stuff

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Business Coaching Tools

On the lookout for the best business coaching tools for growing your coaching business? One of my most important business coaching tips is this: although shiny new business coaching tools may be tempting, you can never go wrong sticking to the tried and true business techniques that have worked for you in the past.

Allow me to illustrate with a story…

A while ago my family enjoyed one of our best summer holidays ever. Kathy, the kids, and I spent a wonderful week in Anglesey–a little island  area off the Northwest coast of Wales.

We lay on the beach in the sun most days, while the kids went off swimming, fishing, or paddling around in our little boat. Fantastic stuff.

We weren’t initially planning to go. We’d reviewed all the fancy brochures describing exotic and far-flung destinations. We read about lots of intriguing places we’ve never visited, but what we really wanted was leisure.

We were struggling to reach a decision, then one evening Kathy turned to me,“What would you say was the best holiday we’ve had, ever? The one you’ve most enjoyed?”

“Honestly,” I replied, “when we rented that apartment in Anglesey a few years ago.”

“Me too,” Kathy agreed. “Why don’t we just go there again then?”

So we did. And that was that.

And we had a brilliant time again. It suits us. Easy to relax and do nothing–yet plenty for the kids to do.

It’s so easy to be tempted by all those exciting new adventures featured in the brochures. But sticking to what we knew worked for us resulted in a great time. 

Use the Business Coaching Tools You Already Know Will Work!

The same idea–sticking to what you know–may apply as it relates to your business coach marketing.

It’s so easy to be lured by a “shiny new object” syndrome as a temptation for tinkering with your business coaching systems for marketing or replacing some of the proven business coaching tools in your toolbox. And I’ll admit, I’m a huge advocate of shiny new stuff in the field of digital marketing. I’ll tell anyone who asks that these techniques have been the most effective business coach marketing tools I’ve ever used.

But often the best thing you can do is ask yourself the same simple question Kathy asked me: what’s worked the best for you before?

Often the best thing you can do is ask yourself the simple question: what's worked the best for you before?

If the “old school” business coaching tools like networking, direct mail, conference presentations, or referrals, have worked well for you before, chances are they’ll work well for you again.

Of course, I don’t want to discourage you from experimenting. Go ahead and try out new business coaching resources, but please don’t do so at the expense of business coaching tools that you know actually worked for you in the past.

We all are eager to learn new business coaching tips for marketing a practice, alternative business coaching techniques that may help attract new clients, and fresh business coaching resources that may help grow your clients’ businesses, but if the business coaching tools you have used in the past have proven effective, plan to stick with them until you find some business coaching tools that truly represent something better. Don’t stop doing what works!

Your established business coaching systems may not be exciting and new, and you may have become a bit bored with some of your business coach marketing strategies over time. But before you replace those trusted, dependable business coaching tools for promoting your coaching business, remember: success doesn’t always require shiny new tools.

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