Help Your Coaching Clients Crush the Competition

Help Your Coaching Clients Crush the Competition

In an economy like ours, business owners want to get aggressive. They want to build their companies and increase profitability. And as part of this, they want to know how you can help your coaching clients crush the competition.

At the heart of this is marketing. But not just marketing for its own sake. At its most effective, marketing is nothing more or less than the art of communicating in a clear and compelling way the most significant promise your client’s company makes to their core audience.

Now don’t worry. This isn’t another tired discussion on how to help your clients articulate a unique selling proposition. There’s a whole lot more to it than that. In many instances, you’ve got to actually help them re-invent their core business.

Otherwise, they’ll still be competing on price because they’re really the same as everyone else–no matter how much you dress it up. And savvy consumers know that.

Case Study: THE “Educational Daycare”

Meet Jenny, a daycare business owner client who wants to dominate her market. How do you help her do it?

First, assess the status quo. At face value, many daycares are more or less the same. They have similar licensing requirements, regulations, and, in most markets, price-points. They make similar claims in the marketing materials. Your first job is to discover where there might be an underserved niche market in the area by carefully researching what already exists.

Second, make a strategic decision. In this case, Jenny decides to target parents who are deeply concerned about their kids being educated while attending daycare. But to make and keep this promise, she can’t just say so. If Jenny wants to become THE educational Daycare in the area, she has to make some operational decisions.

Third, operationalize. Jenny decides to hire teachers with early childhood education degrees. She creates a pre-planned curriculum that includes reading, math, and computer skills training. She equips the daycare with a 22-station computer lab and gives parents a written guarantee that their child will be reading at a second-grade level prior to entering kindergarten.

Fourth, market. It’s not until you have discovered an underserved market segment, strategized a business model around meeting consumer needs, and operationalized that model clearly and effectively that you can finally begin marketing. Because Jenny knows that there is no other daycare in the area with a similar value proposition, she can say so directly and credibly. Best of all, she can now charge double what competing daycares charge, because she is filling an otherwise unmet need.

It's not until you have discovered an underserved market segment, strategized a business model around meeting consumer needs, and operationalized that model clearly and effectively that you can finally begin marketing.

Market-dominating results like these are readily attainable when you help your coaching clients niche themselves into a market-dominating position.

This isn’t just clever marketing. This is a total business reinvention.

And this is just one of many fast-cash-flow strategies that you can learn to deliver as a business coach IF you give yourself to studying the subject with the right business coach training. To learn more, download our FREE ebook, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star, and enjoy!

7 Steps to $1MM From BNI: Business Coach Marketing

7 Steps to $1MM From BNI: Business Coach Marketing

By Alan Sartain, master business coach and certified coaches’ coach.

I joined BNI in December of 2003, shortly after I started my business coaching firm. Truth be told, I was very lucky.

The group that I joined was a small but dynamic group. Other than coaching the owner of a recruiting company that joined just before me, I did not make much from BNI in my first year. I would stand up, do my 60 second commercial and ask for a random assortment of businesses that I thought I might be able to coach.

So much for savvy business coach marketing!

A 15,625% ROI From BNI Business Coach Marketing Over 9 Years

In just over 9 years, I have eclipsed the $1 million mark. In addition to my time, I’ve invested $6,400 in BNI fees and room dues. That’s a 15,625% ROI. Not a bad investment from this particular business coach marketing strategy.

How did I generate the business? First of all, I track all of my leads to the root of the referral. Some of my BNI leads are fourth-generation referrals that track back to BNI. If you are not doing so already, I suggest that you track your leads to this level of detail. Much to my surprise, $384,833.34 in revenue was directly from business owners that passed through my BNI group over time. Another $267,660 in revenue was from referrals and a PR article that I placed in the local business journal about my first BNI client, the recruiting company. $218,547 was generated from seminars that I put on in conjunction with the CPA firm in my group and BNI referrals to outside businesses generated $59,825. Finally, $72,410 was generated from other BNI chapters, including $58,515 from my optometrist who attended a seminar that I put on with an AFLAC Sales Manager that I had met while visiting another chapter.

If you want to generate a million dollars from your BNI, do what I did:

  1. Choose the right chapter (OK, I got lucky), but make sure that the CPA, financial planner, business attorney, banker and business broker are excellent referring partners.
  2. Givers gain. Without a doubt, Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNI, was right. Over the years, I have given at least 2:1 referrals compared to what I receive.
  3. Get involved in leadership early and often. I became Secretary-Treasurer within my first year and have held every position on the leadership team.
  4. Turn your BNI-based clients into raving fans.
  5. You are in the business of business growth. Show your chapter that you can put your money where your mouth is. Be exciting, memorable and fun with your 60 second spots.
  6. Do at least two one-to-one (Dance Cards) per month.
  7. Visit at least one other chapter per quarter. You never know with whom you might make a connection.

Networking is just one of the seven top business coach marketing strategies we recommend at Coaches’ Coach. Check out all seven in our system HERE. Enjoy!