The Rock Star Selling System: Business Coach Training

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Business Coach Marketing, Business Coach Training

By Alan Sartain

Do you have all the clients you need? If you are like most business coaches, the answer is no!

I’d like to introduce you to the business coach training secret that has enabled me to constantly book between $20,000 and $35,000 in client revenue per month for the last 8 years … The Rock Star Selling System.

I was first introduced to the Rock Star selling system in 2005 at a boot camp run by Eric Dombach and Michael Cody.  Before I get to the selling system, let me first set up the situation.  I had been business coach for a couple of years.  By most standards, I was doing reasonably well.  For me however, I was bringing in less that I needed to pay all of my bills.  I needed more clients and I needed them fast.

I took my last available cash and invested in the boot camp.  I had just run a seminar and booked a complementary coaching session (CCS) for the week after the boot camp.  I packed up my car, drove to Ohio, stayed with a friend and discovered a secret that turned my business coaching hobby into a profitable, successful business.

When I returned, I used the selling system on the CCS I had booked.  It worked great, I signed the client for more than double the revenue that I had anticipated and away I went.  That client is still with me today and has paid me $307,925.50 to date and still counting.

Over the next few weeks, I will give you a guided tour through the system and tell you exactly how I used the system to build my business.

So what is this Rock Star Selling System?

Just like in rock music, the system is broken down into a series of riffs:

Hot Riff 1: Turn Your Liabilities Into Assets in Your Own Mind
Hot Riff 2: Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up
Hot Riff 3: The Unlimited Marketing Budget
Hot Riff 5: Plan to Succeed
Hot Riff 6: The SYSTEM: An Overview
Hot Riff 7: Building Your Lead Generation Machine
Hot Riff 8: The Silver Bullet Call
Hot Riff 9: Overcoming Objections
Hot Riff 10: The Complimentary Coaching Session
Hot Riff 11: The Profit Equation
Hot Riff 12: Create Raving Fans
Hot Riff 13: Systematize Everything and Build a Firm
Hot Riff 14: Enjoy the Payoff

I am looking forward to sharing my experience with you but if you can’t wait, download Eric’s eBook Secrets Of A Business Coaching Rock Star.


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