The World’s Most Closely-Guarded Marketing Secrets REVEALED

by | Jun 21, 2010 | Business Coach Marketing

If you’re a serious business coach you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to increase your market share, and that of your clients, then listen up…

The landscape of business has changed over the last 5 to 20 years. Just being aggressive doesn’t cut it anymore. Sales skills alone aren’t enough. You’ve got to distinguish your business from the pack and lead prospects to say, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you…regardless of price!”

On Tuesday, June 22nd at 3pm ET / 8pm GMT, I and Curtis Rasmussen (Senior Consultant and VP of New Client Consulting at Monopolize Your Marketplace) will be hosting a special webinar:

“How To Separate Yourself And Your Clients From The Competitors And ELIMINATE Them!”

Register now:

How To Separate Yourself From Your Competitors And ELIMINATE Them!

On this webinar, you’ll learn the world’s most closely guarded marketing secrets!

Secret #1: The First Rule Of Marketing… Have Something Good To Say. Learn how to innovate your coaching business so that you give customers exactly what they want, all the time. Stay ahead of the competition through innovation by determining your customer’s value hierarchy with easy-to-use surveys. Build a case for your business just like an attorney would. Create evidence for your case and articulate it zealously. Then integrate risk-lowering strategies.

Secret #2: The Second Rule of Marketing… Say It Well. Your message must clearly separate you from your competitors. L earn the 3 powerful questions that immediately reveal if you’re using platitudes in your marketing (which actually hurt you!) or presenting a clear, compelling case. If your marketing and advertising doesn’t pass these tests, it won’t make you any money.

Secret #3: The Third Rule Of Marketing… Say It Often. Learn how to cultivate your prospects so that when they are ready to buy you are the only logical choice. Create a marketing system that allows you to control the growth of your business like a faucet. Learn how to build a relentless, automated follow-up machine that keeps your message in front of your prospects day and night.

Fellow business coaches, it’s critical to your coaching business that you learn all the skills to win in today’s competitive marketplace… because you’re either the steamroller, or part of the pavement.

Space is limited, so register now:

How To Separate Yourself From Your Competitors And ELIMINATE Them!

BONUS #1: All registrants will receive a FR-EE CD audio book, “The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes” which you can download at this link right now:

Get your FR-EE CD audio book, “The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes”

In this CD, you’ll learn how to set up a system that allows you or a sales person to spend 80% of your time closing business because you always have as many leads as you want or need. You’ll create a “faucet of profit.” Hot or cold, fast or slow… it’s up to you.

BONUS #2: All registrants who download the CD audio book and listen to it will be eligible for an additional bonus package valued at $1007, which includes a personalized marketing consultation with Curtis.

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How To Separate Yourself From Your Competitors And ELIMINATE Them!

Someone is going to monopolize the business coaching marketplace… will it be you?

Don’t miss this change to learn how to beat your competition into a demoralized quivering pulp.

If you’re already registered, I can’t wait to “see” you there!

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