Are You “They” or “We”?

by | Jun 1, 2019 | Business Coaching Tools

The best business coaches are leaders.

They’re tenacious, hard-working movement-makers who have no time for excuses and who insist on being on the bleeding edge of entrepreneurism, thought leadership, and business growth strategies.

They’re communicators, motivators, and business builders.

Regardless of personal circumstance, adversity, or obstacles, they dig deep and discover what it takes to be truly great.

The most important part?

Wherever you come from…wherever you are in your career…whether you consider yourself a leader now or not…

You can decide to take your life to the next level.

But it requires shifting your mindset.

It requires asking yourself this question…

Are you going to be “they” or “we”?

THEY make excuses…WE make calls.

THEY complain…WE fill live events.

THEY lobby for change…WE are the change.

THEY consume social media…WE create their social media.

THEY buy the coaching programs…WE create the coaching programs.

THEY didn’t because of discrimination…discrimination is the reason WE did.

THEY click on our ads…WE buy the ads.

THEY buy the coaching programs...WE create the coaching programs. THEY didn't because of discrimination...discrimination is the reason WE did. THEY click on our ads...WE buy the ads.

THEY have no money…WE have their money.

THEY borrow…WE build.

THEY watch the videos…WE make the videos.

THEY beg for change…WE beg them to change.

THEY’RE held up for a reason…we know WE’RE the reason we’re held up.

THEY whine…WE work.

So…which will it be?

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