Which Of The Top 7 Business Coach Marketing Strategies Are Right For You?

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Business Coach Marketing

Business coach marketing strategies are the OXYGEN of your business coaching practice. Obviously, without a continual flow of fresh, warm business coaching leads, you’ll become dizzy in the head and soon be dead on the floor, metaphorically speaking. (-:

BUT, how many marketing strategies and exactly which one should YOU use? This question frustrates countless business executives learning how to become a business coach.

At the Coaches’ Coach we recommend that you consider just ONE to, at most, THREE of the 7 Business Coaching Marketing Strategies. Here they are and our recommendations on which ones are right for you:

  1. E-Marketing: Blogging, Emails & Webinars – is an essential strategy if you’re marketing beyond the boundaries of your geography and focused on a vertical niche. To build an e-marketing pipeline you’ll need to focus heavily on publishing amazing, educational content to attract people to you. SO, choose this one if you love writing excellent content, enjoy getting on the video camera, and have a pretty strong technical background. You can spend a fortune on this if you’re not careful, so having some technical chops is really super helpful. The goal is to nurture people with value until they’re ready to buy.
  2. Networking Events & Tradeshows – is still a rock solid approach to lead generation if one of your strengths is face to face persuasion and relationship building. Countless thousands of coaches around the world are still making a killing using BNI and similar events to build relationships in a specific geographic market. Trade shows are an amazing way to reach your decision-makers if focused on a specific vertical market. Set a goal of 25 to 50 business cards per networking event and 100 to 250 business cards per day of tradeshow attendance. Follow up your leads within 24 hours and conduct your “Silver Bullet Call” to book your sales meeting. Also, this combines nicely with the E-marketing pipeline strategy so that you can nurture your leads once you’ve got them.
  3. Door to Door Bold Walking – is about making face to face visits in person by going door to door. This can actually be a refreshingly effective strategy, as fewer and fewer coaches do business in person anymore. This one is for you if you’ve identified your target market as a group of 50 to 250 geographically local business, usually in a specific vertical, such as technology, or manufacturing, or real-estate services. Dropping by repeatedly and getting to know the front-office staff over time is an amazingly effective way to get into the C-suite of your target prospects.
  4. Direct Mail Letters & Postcards – still work like magic, though it is one of the more expensive strategies on the list. Direct mail works best when highly focused on a specific target group that will respond to a highly targeted message. (If you’re not speaking directly and specifically to me, I’m not listening to you.) This strategy works extremely well when followed up with an outsourced telemarketing campaign. This is for you if you’ve got a bit of a war chest to start your business with and have some pretty good marketing copywriting chops.
  5. Telemarketing & Cold Calling – is a strategy that many people now regard as “old-fashioned” but still continues to work like magic all around the world! This strategy is for you if you can invest a couple thousand dollars per month with a reputable call center that has experience doing business coach marketing calls. For every $2000 you invest, you should get at least 10 leads and close at least one new client. This was exactly how I started my business and I still recommend it to this day. Combine this with either direct mail or E-marketing and the results can snowball into some seriously amazing momentum! Your job is to take the handful of warm leads you’re getting and book the face to face sales meeting to go close the business. Fun!
  6. Referrals & Word of Mouth – remains the holy grail of marketing, of course. So, make sure you earn your clients’ respect and professional enthusiasm. BUT, do more than just wait passively for them to spread the word. Automate the process of getting referrals and testimonials using a page like THIS. Then send your social proof to your prospects to decrease their sales resistance.
  7. Strategic Partners & Joint Ventures – is all about aligning yourself with non-competitive companies that serve your same client base. Think printers, attorneys, accountants, office furniture retailers, and the like.  Then contact them and arrange a way to promote your business and get referrals that is mutually beneficial. You can trade services or give the other company a referral fee when a referral calls in. Work together and you will both make more money. My best strategic partner ever was an accountant who brought me more than $500,000 in new client revenue in a single year! All you need is one or 2 of those and you’re set! This is a great long-term strategy, but probably not the one to focus on if you’re below break-even.

SO, those are the 7 business coach marketing strategies we recommend and how to know which ones are right for you.

If you’ll just choose 1 to 3 of these to focus on and stick with them until you master them, you’ll soon be breathing a sigh of relief as the leads come rushing in!


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