Why You Need a Business Coaching Membership Site

by | Aug 1, 2022 | Business Coach Marketing

Hands down, the most important thing we’ve ever done to grow the Coaches’ Coach was to launch our membership site.

It allows clients and prospects access to valuable content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It builds loyalty, creates massive value, and even supplies our business with a steady stream of hot, ready-to-buy prospects.

Not only that, it’s revolutionized the way I coach.

After all, clients DON’T get results from information. They get results from applying information correctly. When I moved all my coaching online with the Coaches’ Coach membership site, I was able to direct clients to a video training for each specific strategy. Then, instead of using the coaching session to teach the strategy, I helped them apply the strategy to ensure they were getting results.

Once I did this, my clients’ results increased by more than 50%…and my attrition rate dropped by 70%. I went from an average client relationship that lasted 11 months to 18 months or more.

But that wasn’t the only way it revolutionized the Coaches’ Coach.

More Leverage, More Profit

Because of how much easier it is to train our users and members, I was able to launch our Rock Star Coaching Program—which is a cohort-based model that allows us to combine the efficiency of group coaching with the effectiveness of one-on-one coaching.

That’s because members have access to the tools and training they need inside the membership site. Then in our coaching sessions, they come together to apply and receive feedback on what they learned, based on real-world scenarios in their actual businesses. In this case, the group is an added benefit—being with other coaches at about the same stage of business growth as they are helps them feel more connected and engaged!

PLUS, with the curriculum fully in place, we’re able to bring on additional Certified Coaches’ Coaches (well-qualified, of course), without experiencing a drop-off in results or quality of training.

It’s been a game-changer.

Now clients are with us for a longer length of time and getting better results—while my Certified Coaches’ Coaches and I spend less time coaching, with more consistent quality.

More clients, who are with us for a longer length of time, getting better results—while my Certified Coaches' Coaches and I spend less time coaching, with more consistent quality.

That’s a recipe for scalability, stability, and increased profits.

There are several ways you can do it, from out-of-the-box options with someone else’s curriculum to fully custom sites featuring your exclusive IP. But whatever you choose, if you don’t have a business coaching membership site yet, it’s time to get one.

And, of course, you should check out our membership site! Learn how to take your practice to the next level with our Rock Star Coaching Program.

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