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by | Aug 18, 2015 | Business Coach Marketing, Business Coaching Systems

When I evaluate business coaching systems for marketing, believe it or not, I always think about an unlikely metaphor — the Cat!

When it comes to the coaching business, you can learn a lot from a cat.

How to sell, for starters.

You see, cats and dogs are very different. We have one of each in our house. If I want the dog to come to me, it’s pretty simple; I call her over! Nine times out of 10, she jumps up and trots right on over, happy to see me!

The cat, on the other hand, is a different story. If I try to call the cat to come to me, she will ignore me.

Just try it! The harder you try to get your cat to come to you, the more you will be ignored.

Totally opposite of the dog.

What’s the point? Sales prospects aren’t dogs; they’re cats. If you want a sound business coaching marketing system that motivates prospects to buy from you, you need to learn and understand “cat theory.”

Cat Theory in Business Coaching Systems for Marketing

Cat Theory for a quality business coaching marketing system is simple. It states that it’s up to you to get the cat to come to you. You’re the one taking the action. However, you must trick the cat into believing that the desired behavior–to come to you–is the cat’s idea, not yours.

In other words, you’re really getting the cat to come because you want her to. But she believes it’s her own decision and she’s doing it of her own accord.

Sales prospects are exactly the same way. That’s why business coaching marketing systems that incorporate direct sales approaches by YOU, the business coach, trigger an instant, subconscious sales resistance in your prospects.

Think about it. How do you react to salespeople at kiosks who bark at you to you to come over and look at whatever useless trinket they’re selling when walking through a shopping mall or other marketplace? If you are like most people, your first reaction is to shut down and either ignore them or respond with a polite “no thank you” and continue on your way.

By contrast, an intelligently constructed store window containing goods you would like to have does the polar opposite. It entices you to draw nearer, to take a closer look and encourages you to enter the store to buy.

You may have thought it was your own idea to venture into the store, but in reality, the store’s staff made you come in. They set things up to draw you in while letting you believe it was your own idea to do so.

And that’s how cat theory works in the real world of selling. You must create business coaching marketing systems that include the ideal circumstances to get prospects to come to you, ready to buy, while letting them believe they did it all on their own.

Implementing the Cat Theory in Business Coaching Systems for Marketing in the Real World

Cat Theory applies across the spectrum of sales situations, from prospecting, all the way to the culmination of the sale by enticing prospects to buy instead of “closing” them.

As a business coach marketing approach, Cat Theory is most effective when prospecting, or more precisely, during the lead generation stage of sales.

When you create the ideal circumstances to motivate a qualified prospects to come to you, much like that store window, they do just that. Then, the balance of power is in your favor, since the prospect approached you rather than the other way around.

That’s why you should never, EVER implement a business coaching system for marketing that includes cold calling yourself. You should use a cold-calling group to represent you. Then, after your prospect hears about you from a third-party organization, they will want to talk with you because of how cool and amazing your telemarketing group made you sound.

Consider, for example, the ConnectAndSell Lightning service. ConnectAndSell is a business coach marketing auto-dialer on steroids, executing 150+ calls per hour and delivering to business coaches a LIVE CONVERSATION with a business owner on their list every 2-5 minutes!  You can check it out HERE.

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This objective: acquiring dozens of cat-like lead generation strategies is exactly what I coach in my Never Cold Call Again business coaching system for marketing.  I teach you how to use Cat Theory to entice prospects – highly qualified prospects who are ready to buy right now – to seek your services as if they did it all on their own. This system can literally EXPLODE your sales numbers – fast! I’ll ship the full course to you today, on me, and you have a full 30 days to “try it before you buy it.”  See firsthand how incredibly effective this business coaching system really is. Get your copy today: Start Your Free Trial Now by signing up HERE.

To your success!

Frank Rumbauskas

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