Business Coach Marketing: Why You Should Use a Hybrid Approach

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Business Coach Marketing, Business Coach Training

One of the best business coach marketing strategies is to employ a hybrid approach—that is, to use both automated online and direct-touch “old school” marketing tactics to generate and nurture leads. I’ve long advocated the use of telemarketing, direct mail, and “bold walking” (physically going into businesses and offices as a means of meeting potential new clients) alongside tactics like social media, email, and content marketing.

But often, it’s even more powerful when you combine them. That is to say, sometimes it’s most effective to create a business coach marketing funnel that uses online and offline tactics in the same campaign.

Sometimes it's most effective to create a business coach marketing funnel that uses online and offline tactics in the same campaign.

For example:

  • Send a direct mail piece to targeted businesses that invites them to download a free ebook or register for a webinar
  • Use email marketing to drive registrations to an in-person half-day workshop
  • When exhibiting at a show or conference, have a computer or iPad on hand to collect subscriptions to your email newsletter
  • Run social media ads for a copy of a physical book you’ve written and can sell at a low cost

One of my favorite strategies is to follow up via phone with people who have downloaded ebooks or other free resources from our website. These aren’t “cold calls” because you know the people in question have already interacted with your content, so they are at least aware of you, and have signaled that they are searching for answers right now to their most pressing business challenges. These are known as “warm calls” because they’ve already been warmed up a bit by your content.

In fact, the sooner you can connect with them after they download your free resource, the better. I even have clients who set their CRM to notify them whenever a new lead comes in, and as long as it’s during business hours, they call them immediately. You’ll be surprised at how many good conversations you can have when you’re immediately top of mind!

Now, in order to call them, you have to capture more than just their first name and email address; you need to also ask for their phone number, and ideally, their business name and industry. This means that not all your lead magnets are right for this approach. Some should remain first name and email address only. Reserve this tactic for incredibly high-value resources: whitepapers, original research, case studies, or long-form ebooks. (Does this mean you need to be creating this sort of high-value content? Yup.)

Swipe Our Proven Voicemail Script

Once you’ve captured the lead, it’s time to follow up. Consider this your basic Silver Bullet call, and if the prospect answers your call, dive right in. But what if you get sent to voicemail?

Try something like this:

Good <morning/afternoon/evening>, <prospect’s name>!

My name is <your name> here at <your business name>. I’m the person who sent you the ebook you downloaded the other <day/week> called <name of ebook>.

I’m reaching out to chat about what’s going on in your business, client acquisition best practices, or any other questions you may have about growing your business. 

There’s a world of opportunity for businesses in the <prospect’s industry> to move up to the next level. We’ve been helping <prospect’s industry> businesses for more than <time you’ve been a coach>, so feel free to call me here in our <your location> office and I’ll help you in every way I can. Again, <your name> with <your business name> at <your number>. Talk soon!

Of course, you can experiment with different approaches that are specific to your target market or industry. But don’t neglect using both online and old-school, direct-touch marketing tactics in the same campaign or funnel. Your results will improve when you do!

For more great tips and tricks like these, download our FREE ebook, Secrets of a Business Coaching Rock Star(And yeah, you might hear from us afterward; that’s a good thing! If nothing else you can see how we follow up and you can swipe our secrets.) 😉

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