Last 12 months have revenue of $300k+ while taking a quarter of the year off

Last 12 months have revenue of $300k+ while taking a quarter of the year off

I re-launched about 18 months ago and in the last 12 months have revenue of $300k+ while taking a quarter of the year off. I have a mix that works for me which is about 50% travel and 50% remote with 50% of the business as business consulting and 50% as business coaching. Though its hard to really tease those apart as coaching is imbedded in the consulting. My niche is operations leveraging the Coaches’ Coach silver bullets with my own slant based on my background with GE. I also use the silver bullets for leadership/development coaching. My biggest deal this year was the $8 Billion family owned business we discussed. My clients over the last twelve months have ranged from start up executive coaches to multi-billion dollar clients. I also run a master mind for female executives. I have had clients come to me this year from networking, a joint venture and social media. The Coaches’ Coach system is a big part of my business and has helped me accelerate growth. For any new business coach, the Coaches’ Coach is a must and should be a big part of how you go to market. Bottom line is — I am focused on operations consulting and leadership coaching and I heavily rely on the silver bullets.

Don Vanpool
CEO and Founder, OptaProfit

Signing up for the Rockstar Coaching Program was the Best Decision

Signing up for the Rockstar Coaching Program was the Best Decision

I’m Bob, and let me tell you, signing up for the Rockstar Coaching Program was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve seen significant growth in my business, and I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. Before joining, I feared wasting money on recycled, out-of-the-box information. This program is nothing like that. It’s tailored to your needs, with a five-step system you can make your own. You can brand it, make it visible and concrete. When you explain this to someone, they can visualize it and grasp it instantly. It’s like having the right words and visuals to represent your value finally handed to you.
My coach was an absolute rockstar. He makes those weekly calls every Thursday — useful, motivational, and actionable. He shares valuable resources openly and creates an environment that not only encourages learning but also fosters solid friendships. He doesn’t sugarcoat things; he’ll call you out when necessary, which honestly, we all need from time to time.

You’re probably thinking you know it all, right? But this program opens your eyes to things you had no idea existed, introduces a structure you didn’t realize you needed, and tests your accountability — not like in a classroom but in real-world scenarios. It’s not for those wanting to breeze through life; it’s for those willing to dive in, face the good, bad, and the ugly, and emerge stronger.

With the Rockstar Coaching Program, you get the chance to devise processes for your coaching business and scale comfortably, something that’s been invaluable for my sanity. It’s more than just a learning tool; it’s been a source of comfort and growth. Plus, you don’t have to dedicate an exclusive slot for it; I do it in my car when I’m driving.

To anyone considering this program, I’d say be ready to rock and roll. Expect some pushback and challenge, but know that it’s all in service of your growth. This program has done wonders for me. The best part? Watching the surprise on people’s faces when they see what you’re capable of. Remember, you’re not just signing up for a program; you’re signing up to be a rockstar.

Bob Graham

5 Tips for Diffusing Sales Pressure in Business Coach Marketing

5 Tips for Diffusing Sales Pressure in Business Coach Marketing

The old school business coach marketing mindset goes something like this, “Look! There’s a potential customer. I have to convince them see things my way, and then they’ll buy what I’m selling.”

Thankfully there’s a new way of business coach marketing and sales, and it diffuses all the sales pressure. It’s called attraction marketing and it is all about building a relationship of trust, mutuality, and respect with the prospect, until they make the decision that doing business with you is the most beneficial course of action they can take. This has become the only effective way of marketing in the new age of internet-based everything.

Here are 5 tips for diffusing sales pressure with attraction marketing:

1) Respect the prospect. Look again at the old marketing mindset. It didn’t respect, or even acknowledge, that your prospect was a person with a life and opinions and needs. No wonder people didn’t like it! Attraction marketing diffuses the pressure because it’s involves listening to your potential clients and understanding them. 

2) Build the relationship. If your business is going to be successful over the long term, you need prospects that will come back to you again and again until they’re finally ready to buy. High pressure selling doesn’t do that; it scares people away forever. The goal of attraction marketing is to build a relationship with your prospects so that when they have a need they will think of you. 

3) Offer super-awesome content. The best way to convert suspects into prospects and prospects into customers is to offer really super-awesome content, not to trick them or force them into buying what you’re selling. Make sure you understand your prospective clients and offer them amazing content they’ll love on things they care about. Write ebooks, record videos, send emails that point to an amazing blog.

4) Listen. Be prepared to talk to your prospects. Be prepared to give them educational information and to answer their questions. Be prepared to offer them your greatness with no strings attached. And DON’T force things. People know when they are being forced and it creates unwanted pressure. 

5) Be emotionally real. Usually when we think of sales we think of people with high charisma charming their way into money. Charisma, it turns out, only works if it is genuine. Don’t act enthusiastic about something if you aren’t. Be honest and real. It will make an incredible impact on your closing rates.

When people — especially a business professional who wants to become a business coach — engage in old-school selling techniques it creates a huge disconnect between the prospect and the business owner. Both sides feel nasty sales pressure, making the entire process feel like a ticking time bomb. Not good.

BUT, when your business coach marketing is all about sharing amazing educational content that adds value it takes all the pressure out of selling. Love it!

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Is Brand Recognition for a Business Coaching Franchise Valuable?

Is Brand Recognition for a Business Coaching Franchise Valuable?

Often, when you’re considering a business coaching franchise, the franchisor will tell you that their “brand recognition,” in and of itself, is a valuable asset that will bring you business. But is brand recognition for a business coaching franchise really valuable?

Usually not.

True national brand recognition is generally only achieved by massive corporations, the result of billions of dollars being spent constantly on print, broadcast, and internet advertising. (Think McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts). Even the largest business coaching franchisors in the world simply don’t have the kind of cash and traction necessary to make themselves a household name.

This means that the “brand” you’re buying probably isn’t worth as much as they claim. In most cases, the money you would have spent on a brand name that nobody recognizes would be much better invested in building your OWN brand, one that you can control and make a powerful force in your local market or niche–where it matters most.

In most cases, the money you would have spent on a brand-name that nobody recognizes would be much better invested in building your OWN brand, one that you can control and make a powerful force in your local market or niche--where it matters most. 

How to Check Claims of Brand Recognition for a Business Coaching Franchise

First, look critically at the level of brand recognition the franchisor can legitimately claim.  Make a list of the brands you know off the top of your head.  Are ANY of them professional services companies, such as business coaching firms?  If so, what size are these businesses?  If you’re like 99% of the people who complete this exercise, you’ll realize fairly quickly that national brand recognition is usually NOT achieved by smaller organizations like business coaching franchises.

Then call five of the most influential accounting firms in your region and ask them if they’ve ever heard of the franchise system you’re considering buying. If they have, ask them about the reputation of the system. If they’ve never heard of them before, then most likely their clients (your prospects!) haven’t heard of the franchise either—guaranteed! If they HAVE heard of the franchise you’re exploring, what’s their reputation like? Will it help you or harm you?

The reality is, in most (if not all!) instances, there is very little benefit to the coach in terms of brand recognition for a business coaching franchise. You’re better off using the money you would have spent on a franchise to start up and market your brand to your target niche.

Build your own brand equity. That’s the way forward!